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None of your AMVs can beat this

lol, I actually liked Ikarishipping. The part in the Sinnoh league episodes where Dawn imitates when Paul forgot her name was funny XD

Cute eNny~


Originally Posted by Shedinjareese View Post
Thanks AK! I know what my bedtime reading will be now! ...oh gees that sounded wrong given the content... *_*
o__________________________________0 Oh lol, I actually laughed. Poor, poor, Shedinjareese. Don't worry, when you start getting to people's comments about how they think May getting STDs and getting pregnant then having a miscarriage would be good "emotional" end to the story, you know every single person who rated this as a good fanfic is an idiot. The misinformation of these young 12 year olds is amazing. Just get to the part where none of them understand anything about when girls get periods and when they can get pregnant. Failures.