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    Originally Posted by Raaxon View Post
    I doubt this. I mean, I can accept him not putting in Ice Beam or Earthquake TMs (Not sure if he's put Earthquake in yet), but I will not accept that he hasn't put in Water Stone!

    Seriously, how am I gonna be able to evolve Hyperegg without a Water Stone? D:
    I don't think the Water Stone is in the game yet, but if it is, it's where the Blue, Red or Yellow Shards used to be.

    Seriously, though, you do realise that Hyperegg is more powerful than any of the legendary beasts or Celebi? There's no need to make the poor little egg hatch out. It's fine the way it is.

    Oh, and Ice Beam and Earthquake are in-game now. I've just forgotten where they are.

    Originally Posted by IRoCk_NiKeZ View Post
    i just started playing this game and i think its awesome!!! but i found something wrong in the game, when you're trying to find out who murdered that guy in new mauville, the text in one of the people there is messed up. its nothing too serious but I'm just reporting that.
    Tell me who it is, and I can fix it...

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