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Ok here is my progress,
So i started off with the birch talk chose may blablabla name Lyra,I hacked in a oddish for starter because you dont find them before the first gym,anyway then i did the home stuff talked to rival i went to proff birch i got oddish for starter,I helped proff.birch then gave nickname to oddish:Bella: and off i go!
next i trained oddish to level 8 i went to defet my rival wich had a torchic,
I went back to proff.birch and he gave me the pokedex and pokeballs.
Then i went outside and mom gave me the running shoes,
Then i went trained oddish to level 11 then defeted all trainers,
Took all berries and whent to dads gym.
a guy shows me how to catch a pkmn and then i go out of the gym to the forest,
fight all the trainers gets to team plasma helps man from team plasma defets team plasma man gives me grat ball and leaves,
gets through forest and goes to town,
gets cut from man in house next to the pkmn center,Goes to gym from roxanne next i defeted the gym trainers and got to roxanne i had no trouble with this gym because absord was super effective i defeted the geodude first then almost nosepass because she used a potion or two!
then i defeted her and got the stone badge woohoo first badge!
Later i went to help the man that gave me a great ball earlier in the game i went through the grass and defeted all the trainers there are,then i got to the cave and saved piko the wingull from a team plasma.
i stoped because i hade to hack in a mew in the grass to learn cut and although oddish can learn cute its a waist of awsom moves!
so i hacked in a mew and caught it i nicknamed it :HM 1:
learned it cut and did all the cut extras.
then i wne back and got a great ball and that great ball guy brang me to the mayor or something of this town he gave me a pokenav and a letter for steven,
next i went back out the forest to the old mans home ask him for a ride to dewford and off we go by boat!!
now i healed my pkmn at the pkmn center and went to the gym i defeted the trainers but i had some trouble with meditates and one machop, anyway after that i got to the leader brawly he was a piece of cake i defeted him on my first turn!,
then i got the knuckle badge and was ready to go and deliver the letter with my second badge woooooohhhhoooooo!,
so i defeted the water trainers but i hade a little trouble with those tentacools arrrrggg and i found an invisable pokeball and a stardust on the rock cool!
well anyway now that i enterd the cave there was a man he gave me the HM flash i taught it tomy mew :HM 1:
i kept going and found a ladder i went on it and then i went to the next floor but it was dark so i used :HM 1: to give me more light.
i kept going and there wqhere lots of pkmn like zubat,mawile,makuhita and arron,
keep keep keep keep walking untile there was another ladder i wne on that on too and there was another floor to explore so i kept walking and i found a step not a ladder i got higher and up another step there was a rock i clicked on it and i got a everstone but i done need that yet so i kept walking untile there was another ladder i went on it and thewre was another ladder next to it and i wnet on that one too!
then i came to the first floor but higher i found a cave place and whent in it.
there was steven!
i gave him the letter and i think the gave me a tm,
so i went out off the cave and healed my pkmn then there was nothing to to on dewford so i talked to the boat man but this time he offerd me to go where i was petalburg or a new place slateport,
now obvously i chose slatport.
When i arrived there there was a beach

thats where i am so far more will be coming soon!

btw bellosom is LV.25

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