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    M'kay, so, once again, I got pretty far in the game. Last time, I was about to tackle the Lighthouse. That proved to be very little trouble. Jasmine instructed me to go to the pharmacy in Cianwood, so I headed on over there. Spotting a gym, I of course had to battle it. Poliwrath was tough to take down and he really liked paralyzing/using hypnosis, but Champ and I pulled through. His wife then gave me the Fly HM, so I was able to shorten the trip back to Olivine. Jasmine returned to the gym and some guy called me to tell me the Safari Zone was now open.

    So, I headed towards the Safari Zone, beating up all the trainers along the way. I did the first test of the guy's little owner test before flying to Olivine to beat up Jasmine. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE MAGNEMITES ANYMORE. They, of course, proceeded to paralyze Champ several times, and I eventually ran out of full/paralyze heals. Eventually, her Steeliz was all that was left, so I used a max potion my mum had bought me and killed off Steelix with one hit from Water Gun (still really waiting for Waterfall...). I then went off to explore Mahogany Town; the gym was blocked by some oaf, so I went to explore Lake Rage. There, I found a Red Gyrados. I look at my Gyrados, then back at the red one, then back at mine. Something weird's going on here...I decide to let Champ finish him off rather than catch it. I surf back to solid land and meet some guy in a cape with a Dragonite, and all I can think is 'I want one!'. He says that something weird is up with radio signals or something, so we go investigate some shop in town. DANG, THAT GUY MEANS BUSINESS, HYPER BEAMING A PERSON AND ALL. It turns out Team Rocket is up to some new tricks. After thrashing some Rockets around, I run into Chris, who apparently got beaten to a pulp by this Lance guy. Lance's coolness just went up another ten points, as if the cape and the whole USING HYPER BEAM ON A FELLOW HUMAN didn't make him cool enough. A few more Rockets later and this hideout is disbanded. Oh, and the Gym is open. About time!

    Gym summary: DEWGONG + AQUA RING = JUST ANNOYING, IT WON'T SAVE YOU FROM ARCEUS' JUDGEMENT OR ANYTHING, OR CHAMP'S CRUNCH FOR THAT MATTER. With the Glacier Badge in hand, I leave the gym to find the eighth and final gym, except that Elm calls me, saying the Rockets have taken over the Radio Tower in Goldenrod. REALLY?! COULD THEY DO THIS SOME OTHER TIME, PLEASE? I GOT A QUEST TO BE LEAGUE CHAMPION GOING ON HERE.

    More Rocket thrashing...and I'm almost done eradicating the little pests. Just three more to go, I think, and then we should be rid of these pests forever. Oh, by the way, Champ is at level 53 or something now. He knows Thrash, Water Gun, Ice Fang, and Crunch.

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