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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
The thing with the data at '0x03000dc0' is that they aren't offset based on the time that the player input. The data there are just what the game reads from the RTC. The game later takes the time there and offsets it based on the player's input. For example, if the time on a player's computer is 9:00 but the player enters 10:00 during the clock-setting special, then the time at '0x03000dc0' will say 9:00 but the time at '0x03005cfa' will be 10:00.
OK, thanks for letting me know that. I do have an idea to sort it though! What I plan to do is to store the "pre-update" time and the "post-update" time. I subtract the 2 to obtain the difference between the 2, then use that difference to update the main time! Does that make sense? A roundabout way of fixing it, but I haven't the will or knowledge to go digging around the ROM for the proper update routine. As both times would be updated at the same time, they would never be out of sync, allowing this idea to work.
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