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    More news on my Nidoking Solo Run.

    -Journeyed up to the Weather Institute thing and beat team Magma out
    -Got a Castform (box fodder)
    -Arrived in Fortree
    -Couldn't get to gym cause of retarded Kecleon so went to the next route
    -Stole Received the Devon Scope from Steven and made the pesky Kecleon go away
    -Butchered Winonna easily with Thunderbolt and her badge was mine
    -Continued South to find Magma grunts headed for Mt. Pyre
    -Hit Lilycove quickly to heal, then followed them
    -Climbed up the inside of Mt. Pyre for TM30, Shadow Ball, and taught it to Titan
    -Climbed outside of Mt. Pyre to see Maxie steal the blue orb
    -Received the other and was told to get it back
    -Flew to Slateport, where Maxie mentioned going and saw him stealing the submarine
    -Flew back to Lilycove and infiltrated their hideout (rather easily, because for some reason, every evil team in Pokémon just lets anyone enter their base)
    -Was just a little too late to stop them from taking off AGAIN in the sub
    -Surfed to Mossdeep and met up with Steven, who gave me HM08
    -Fished up a Wailmer to become my Dive/Waterfall slave
    -Took on Tate & her twin (lol I forgot the name) and spammed Surf with Titan while Mawile (cave slave) sat there crying (Fake Tears lol)
    -Got lucky with Titan's great Sp. Defense stat and won their badge
    -Set sail for the Underwater Cavern or whatever it's called

    More on this later.
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