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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

Heh, Ikarishipping is my number 1 favourite shipping actually, I've been a fan ever since they had that little scamble in roarks gym. I liked that episode too though, it was the first time they were alone together, but they were only talking about Ash.
I made a crappy ikarishipping video along time ago (can't be bothered sharing it because it's old)
I think I made two Ikarishipping videos before and that was for the "Ikarishipping MEP" that RIssychan had made.

She probably didn't because shipping discussion is very limited in this fourm, in only one thread - the anime section isn't very active accept for us regulars. (and all the lurkers ¬.¬)

Or maybe she never heard of Pokecommunity yet. Hopefully she'll join later on even if shipping is limited. I had a Serebii but I forgot my username and had barely posted on there. -was a lurker-


Wow thats a pretty awsome video, I don't like the sparkles you used though. :\

I think I had too much fun with the sparkles. I always had a hard time figuring out what should I add in the background of my videos.


I haven't really seen much popularity for it untill Rissychan made that video, but other than that, I agree it's a cool shipping.

Im suprised how active this thread is becoming - let's keep this up! :3

Rissychan usually seems to bring a lot of popularity to the new shippings like she did with Ikarishipping. I think I made a Wishfulshipping for my first time after she made her video although I was trying to work on one before she made a video on it.

Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
Waah, ;_; Too much Wishfulshipping. I hate it. Makes me wanna cry.
I made a Negaishipping AMV before but here is another Negaishipping video I found:

Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post

I think Paul x Iris is called BlackDiamondShipping.
Ah now I remember. It's a weird crack shipping I can tell you that much.

Well, not in the anime, lol. I just used scenes from the anime to represent two forum members from Bulbagarden whose usernames were Piplup and Gliscor'd (and Gliscor'd used to be called Scott85).
Lol but it is pretty cute though. Now I'm starting to like Piplup x Gliscor now and I loved how you did the Bulbagarden screenshots in the background. Didn't know you made it and that's a cute idea what you did.

I only look up fanfics for specific shippings because I'm extremely picky when it comes to writing...I'm free game with amvs and fanart though XD Yeah, I'm beginning to notice that a lot of ikarishippers are also wishfulshippers...
I'm a bit picky as well with those things and AMV's. Wishfulshipping is starting to take over now.

I used to be adamantly anti-ikarishipping. This is because:

1. Many of those shippers couldn't accept that fact that it was a crack shipping (at that time, they hardly interacted at all)
2. It was waaaay more popular than I thought it should was taking away art from the comashipping community :<
3. I hated it when people made it one sided on Paul's side. I'm willing to accept that Dawn could have a little crush on Paul since she was the one pursuing him (kinda...), but this wasn't usually the case in fanfictions and fanart and AMVs. It just opens the door for sooo much OOCness.

Now, this isn't to say that I don't like looking up Ikari fanworks. I mean, I was pretty much forced to considering how popular it is on YT. I think that a lot of the AMVs and art are admittedly...cute.

What also perturbs me is the fact that people will use comashipping scenes in their ikari amv...that sunset scene was meant for ASH and PAUL...:<

LOL, a bit j/king with the last part...but really, just save yourself the trouble and make a coma vid
I felt like the odd ball because of the fact I wasn't a huge fan of Ikarishipping. Twinleafshipping had gotten the best of me during Sinnoh. The Sunset scene was meant for Ash x Paul but I use it all the time for my videos.