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I loved that sunset part with Ash and Paul at the end of the Sinnoh league XD I did like Twinleafshipping, too. I just realised all my favourite shippings are actually all DP shippings o.o Paul/Barry, Paul/Ash, Paul/Dawn, Conway/Dawn and Barry/Dawn

Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post
Ikarishipping and Pearl pales in comparison to Coma. It's the truth.
Although I do like Coma, it pales in comparison to Coldcoffeeshipping >____>

Oh Sh- This old thing! Uh,'s Scott and Pip from BMGF. He changed his name to "Gliscor'd" when Gliscor left to battle with the air master...I was so surprised to see that they actually had clips for that o_o;

I made it because there was a fanclub honoring their shipping (AlwaysArguingShipping). This was the vid that made me into a mod lol.

Oh, and thank you for the image! I was looking for that everywhere! Some people still support Weedle x Scott over Scott x Pip...and if you lurk their VMs, Gible (AKA Hellion) x Scott is pretty popular too ;P
Oh wow, I never knew XD

Yeah, I actually managed to find it today in a random folder in my Pokemon fanart folder :P Hehehe, Scott x Piplup is cute. But I wouldn't ship Weedle with anyone, no one can seem to agree with him, not just Scott. Weedle will just drive you insane.

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Same here but it was much better than that crap you mosted. :P Harley FTW.

Well that doesn't go by what I was saying because I was sharing videos made with sony vegas (including my ones) which weren't bad. I didn't share any emo songs either? o.O
It was amazing :P

Oh, I was talking about in general. But being made in Sony Vegas doesn't mean an automatic win, they can be subject to overuse of pointless effects and, still, not going with the lyrics. In general, I'm not saying you