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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

:O *Shoot's you* Mwahahahahaha.

Everyone says this T_T

As long as it's believable, good on you.
Nah, never mind. Ikarishipping scenes aren't shippy enough anyways ;P

I know right! I have all my Pokemon episodes, movies and sony vegas on it, if all the info gets lost i'll have to download it all over again.
I keep pretty much all my vids on a separate hard drive. I used up like 300 gigs of it...I hope I don't run out any time soon...

I actually used the scene in this video(Old), also turn the volume up because I forgot to turn the track up before it rendered:

The song fit's because Paul acts all bad and Dawn can see the good inside him. (Which isn't really why I like the ship so I don't know what I made this? @.@)
I like that song A lot of people use that Dawn scene too for a variety of things...Yeah, if I were to ship Ikari, it'd just be for the sado-masochism XD

Yeah but mine are made with Sony vegas, and are pure win. :D
LOL, all are actually really great AMV makers. I've been a fan of AshPikastar's works since I saw the DP trailer thing...that was pretty epic, my friend

I also loved your Barry vs. Paul trailer XD

Now that I finally have 15 posts, here's the link to A Day Inside May. I have to warn you, it's pretty nasty, but ultra lulzy~

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