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Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post

Penguinshipping looked like it had a lot of potential in the beginning, especially with Kenny's blatant crush on Dawn...but they never developed his character and made him really bland. I still believe that if they played up that love interest a bit more, Kenny would be an all right character.
I think that what got me to stop liking Kenny. He gotten blah later on during that season.

Some of my favorite amvs are made without sony vegas! Most of them are pretty old, because back in the old days, you didn't rely on shiny effects to make an amv was pure story telling, which is what made them great.

This is one of the first AMVs I made with WMM (Rocketshippy, back when I was a huuuge R*cketshipper). It's kinda slow, but hopefully not terrible:
I've seen some good WMM videos. The video was pretty good for using WMM. I would post some of my WMM videos but the Pokemon WMM I had up on Ashpikastar got removed by Youtube once my account got suspended. I'll probably upload it later.