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Originally Posted by NainilJShah View Post
Seriously? You can't find a Water Stone? I'm lying around with like 8 of them in my bag. I can tell you that Water Stone exists. Also, I found it quite easy to get that.
WARNING Spoiler Below. Where Water Stone is available:
Look for a trainer behind a Strength rock, and go right from there. Don't go through the cave door near there. Try mining, you'll have a random chance to find one.

Cutlerine, there's a really bad/weird bug I'd like to report.
When you mine for stones/eggs/whatever in the Abandoned Mine to the far right of the trainer standing behind a Strength rock in the Abandoned Mine (it's near a cave entrance), every time you obtain a Fire Stone, it says something along the lines of: "You set the miner doll blah. You found a Fire Stone! Obtained the Bluk Berry. The Bluk Berry was put into the Berries pocket".
You obtain Bluk berries instead of Fire stones, in other words.
I know all the mining rocks are broken. They also don't work when you get a Leaf Stone, and they don't actually require a Miner Doll to work. They're fixed in the update I'm preparing.

BIG EDIT: OK, guys, here's an update! This does not expand the game any further, but (hopefully) it fixes various bugs that have been annoying people.

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