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    Rather, GSC Kanto Starter Kit, for now. This is for RMXP and takes advantage of Poccil's starter Kit, but includes the RBY Kanto Region in GSC tiles.

    This is a project Iv'e had in mind for a while, and only earlier neared completion.
    I neared completion because I haven't quite made every single map from Kanto and included it, but rather did every different map (excluding a few, like Celadon Department, Game Corner, etc; stuff that isn't quite programmed).

    Still, this particular pack features Kanto in GSC tiles, but using the RBY mapping. Beware, though: this isn't an exact replica, and some things were changed for the sake of mapping, such as the Viridian City Trainer House, which is there in spite of being basically a RBY starter pack.

    The pack comes with a Readme for any doubts that may appear. I'm still working on this, but since most different maps (such as the inside of houses, which are basically copies from one to another) are already done, I figured I could release this as it is right now and allow you to use it for whatever means you want xD

    Also, I'm looking for ways to change the battle layout (which remains unchanged in this one) because I have next to no knowledge about how that's done. v_v

    Additionally, any help I can get is pretty much welcome xD
    Maps take very little time to do, and most of these took me around 5 minutes. So yeah xD

    Here are some examples of maps, namely Pallet Town and Viridian Forest:

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