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    Originally Posted by The 100 Mega Shock View Post
    The situation you describe with the Tauros card is specific to that Pokémon's own data, and implies moreso of corrupted or incorrectly programmed data than some kind of combination of elements like Totodile & Leer.
    I'm starting to think that the info source was wrong in that it had to be a totodile, it's more likely to just either be a rare leer glitch or a few corrupted games. It says it's more common than getting a shiny starter, but this statistic may be inaccurate.

    I'll recreate the conditions in which the info source describes. He says that the pokemon won't be holding an item when the glitch occurs and that leer will have 60pp instead of the usual amount.
    If the glitch works, then myth confirmed.
    If it doesn't work after getting a starter without an item 3 times, then I'll assume it was a hoax or a hack and move on.
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