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    Originally Posted by destrall View Post
    hi, i'm playing this hack and so far so good... i'm stuck in S.S. Cangrejo and i came here looking for a solution, i read that i had to take a Magnemite or a Pokemon who knows Thundershock to the Lift. However i already took two different Magnemites and it still says the Lift is broken! Can anyone help?
    That is a hint for the second time you are on the S.S Cangrejo, what you need to do is go down stair and go to the bottom right hand corner and you should have some drawers in that room. Click on them to find the arclight spanner(I didn't understand the reference at first but it's better if you google it yourself) then go to the engine and find the broken part(I belive the engine is in the bottom left corner)
    I'm just here to play some Pokemon...

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