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Originally Posted by Andrew McKenzie View Post
So it seems no one is replying in the Guide thread or they forgot about it, I dunno.

I have but one problem. Maybe two...

I cannot, for the life of me, sort out how to access Koga's gym.
I can go in, I read the riddle on the statues but I cannot, however I think about it, figure out the riddle. D=
How do I fight Koga.
Face the back of one of the statues and press B.

Secondly, when you finally reach the Little Kiddle Pre-School and do the Meowth thing and all, and then when you leave and try to travel west/left onward, it goes into a huge area which is completely blank except for the green grass/ground you travel on and the trees that surround it.

I am assuming this is the end of the beta?
Yes, that's the end of the beta.
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