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    Originally Posted by EmeralDragon23 View Post
    Excellent Hack. One of the best ones I've played. I love your attention to detail, even down to Charmeleon not listening to you.

    Of course, I decided to not evolve my Charmander until much later because I can't have him disobeying me until Charizard Chills lol I need a Fire Type.

    One of the best, really. You should be proud. It reawakened my passion for Pokemon tbh.
    Originally Posted by Andrew McKenzie View Post
    Excellent, thanks Metapod! How did I not think of something SO simple.

    And I look forward to Beta 3's release, mate.
    This really is an amazing game, if I do say so myself.

    If only you could continue it as long as the actual anime.
    At least even through Hoenn, even if it required starting a new hack. XD.
    A man can dream after all. But yeah, good luck, I look forward to playing more!
    Thanks to both of you for the kind words.

    No plans to extend the hack into Johto, though, or start a second one to continue the anime, at least not now.
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