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Well, good news. I took it back to Geek Squad and basically the geek there said he was a higher level geek and that I just need to wiggle my power cord when I plug it in. Which worked. I might have to get a part soldered on inside my laptop. But, if I can just live with a laptop that I have to jiggle the power cord in, it's not broken. Which I am doing.

Also the birthday ended a little better. I got enough money to fence next semester again (thank Arceus, I didn't think I was going to be able to).

I too am having problems choosing which challenge to beat. I'm working on a Nuzlocke, but I have like 4 other challenges that I've started. The problem is that most of them are Ultimate Challenges, and I'm on DPPt, which I don't want to start because its my least favorite generation and it takes the longest. Oh well, back to the Nuzlocke I guess.
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