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    Fencing, myrrh. Still doing it ? <3 Me too. (:

    And I'm really inactive. Not challenges, not discussion. But my best friend is another person, on the good side. And the details of my inactiveness stop there. Oh, and my Maths recovery. Just one more 10 (A) and my semestrial grade will become... 8 (-B) :D :> n_n'

    PS : Sydian always double-posts most of the time often. Must be the evil Internet. Or PC connection.

    Also myrrh, my old netbook (that 4 GB HDD thingamajong I kept complaining about. Remember ?) also had the same problem with the jiggly power cord for charge. One of the [thousands] of reasons why I dropped.

    And now my monitor's also's gotten a jiggly cord... but I kinda tied it to my speaker, and it seems to do the job. (:
    Well, okay. I'm here just to chat with people. Don't really care about signatures and stuff.