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Due to the lack of sprites being entered in on time, all current duels are off of the list. Meaning the next two duels can now begin. Sorry for the inactivity btw.
For now, everyone who would like to duel will need to repost if they want to duel.

I'm quite confused about your duel, Dino is joining yet altariaking has accepted your duel first. Then you went and made it a 3-way duel with Dino,You and Nimble. Confirm your duel, please. :c

Available Duelists

Here is the current list of available duelists.
1. Humm96
- Anything but scratch
2. TheMightyMrPlow
Looking for a fusion duel
No duelist.

Ongoing Duels

Here is the current list of ongoing duels.

1. The 100 Mega Shock vs. zein
2. Scarf vs. Spherical Ice

Waiting List

Current waiting list.
1. WingedKuri vs. Andinator
2. Poster vs. GaiaEdge355
3. Skitty123 vs. dragonite149

pair: Sheep