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    Fusing, splicing and "Frankensteining" are all umbrella terms for making sprites out of parts from existing sprites, but they also carry different connotations. While any of them can be used to refer to any combination of sprite parts, each technically has its own meaning. Don't worry, most people use the terms interchangeably enough that only a handful use them "correctly" these days. As they were originally used, the terms are as follows:

    Fusion: A roughly equal mix of two (largely unedited) sprites, such as a Gardevoir with a Koffing in place of its head. Also known as a Hybrid. In the last two years or so, Fusion has come to mean two Pokemon combined into one, like Skitty given Turtwig's palette and shell. Apparently Dragon Ball Z is involved somehow.

    Splice: Two or more sprites nicely integrated, such as a Lucario with Mewtwo's belly and tail, Dialga's chest jewel thing, and Palkia's wings. May be recolored.

    Frankenstein: Multiple parts combined to create an original creature, usually with edited and recolored parts to hide their origin. Also known as an Amalgamon.