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More updates on the Gold leg of my Blastoise Ultimate Solo Challenge:

-Climbed the Lighthouse, then went to Cianwood and got the Secretpotion
-Defeated Chuck and got Fly (and caught a Hoothoot to use with it)
-Cured Amphy in Olivine, then defeated Jasmine
-Caught the Red Gyarados
-Removed Team Rocket from Mahogany Town and defeated Pryce
-Cleared Team Rocket out of the Radio Tower in Goldenrod
-Passed through Ice Path and beat Clair for my eighth gym badge
-Reached Victory Road and defeated my rival again

The Elite Four:

-Will: Mostly used Bite, with Ice Punch on the first Xatu
-Koga: Surf for four Pokemon, Ice Punch for Crobat
-Bruno: Mixture of Surf, Ice Punch, and Headbutt
-Karen: Mixture of Surf, Ice Punch, Bite, and Headbutt. Hurt myself in confusion for four straight turns against Umbreon, but the battle still turned out okay.
-Lance: Don't remember what I used for Gyarados, but Ice Punch for the dragons and Surf for the others. Easy enough.

The Team:

BLASTER (Blastoise) lvl. 62
-Ice Punch

Totodile lvl. 9 (Cut)
Togepi lvl. 5 (Flash)
Sudowoodo lvl. 20 (Strength)
Hoothoot lvl. 12 (Fly)
Gyarados lvl. 30

Next up: Kanto!

Update: I ended up speeding through Kanto without recording the details as I went along, so I don't have a precise log for that part. Nothing unusual happened, and no one else joined my team (I opted to KO Snorlax instead). Kanto was a breeze. I don't really know why there's a 20-level jump between Blue and Red, but it all worked out anyway.

The battle with Red was slightly more challenging than the rest of the post-Elite Four game. Blaster KOed Pikachu with a single Surf, then used Ice Punch for Venusaur, a lot of Headbutts for Snorlax, Bite for Espeon and the opposing Blastoise, and Surf for Charizard to finish things off.

Final Stats (only bothering to list Blastoise here, everyone else was the same as before):

BLASTER (Blastoise) lvl. 78
-Ice Punch

Reflections: I love Blastoise. I've never played through Gold with him before (I added one to my original Gold team after beating Red for the first time), but it was a blast. The whole thing was pretty easy, but that's the nature of a lot of solo runs (with some exceptions), once you get a decent moveset.

Coming up next: Ruby! It's probably my least favorite region, but hopefully it'll be fun.
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