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Seems as though my speculation that it was speed training was on the mark not that it was hard to figure out. It seems Don George though it Ash would train with his pokemon as to strengthen the trainer not only the pokemon. The battle it's self was quite a battle Oshawott and Miruhog went at it till the end, it probably wouldn't have been a tie if Oshawott hard the accuracy with its Aqua Jet. It didn't help that Oshawott got hit with Confuse Ray. The end with Tepig using Nitro Charge and Haderia using Take Down was a great ending with Tepig the victor. I am sure wondering two things. Since Aloe can change here pokemon during the battle is it a requirement that she shows the opponent what her team is going to be beforehand? Also was Haderia the Yorterri she used or was it a different poke?

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