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    Originally Posted by DeoxysIsYourDestiny View Post
    They were rngd by mat, so they probably have really good ivs. I think I have a flawless one :)
    Hmm...I have a copy of Mat's Regirock already, but I'm still interested in the Celebi, depending on the nature. :3

    Originally Posted by SCV058 View Post
    Hello, I have a flawless Shiny Regirock, Flawless Regice, several near flawless Suicune with HP Electric / Zapdos w/ HP Grass, Flawless Jirachi, Near Flawless Celebi, Near Flawless Heatran.

    I like your Chimchar, Horsea, Chansey.
    What are the natures for Zapdos and Suicune? I'm definitely interested in them. :3 Also, I'm curious about the OT of the Regirock.

    Originally Posted by miakalina View Post
    Smoochum! CMT for her please. [:
    This one is adorable. :3

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