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Another update on the Zangoose Solo run:
-Caught the two Farfetch'd and got HM01
-Navigated through Ilex Forest
-Arrived in Goldenrod
-Got the Radio Card and bike
-Took on Whitney and easily won with Slash for the Plain badge (Funny yet aggravating story: I actually had to battle her three times, but not due to losses. The emulator I'm using glitched up on the next trainer battle I entered and I forgot to save, then it glitched up again later when I reached Ecruteak and erased my data to when I last opened it. I was sooooooo pissed.)
-Traveled to that annoying tree/Sudowoodo and beat it
-Arrived in Ecruteak City
-Saved the Kimono girl
-Battled GingerTits in the Burned Tower
-Found the legendary dogs/cats/whatever-they-are
-Entered Morty's Gym and beat him using Pursuit for the Fog badge
-Got HM04
-Traveled to Olivine
-Climbed the lighthouse and met Jasmine
-Surfed to Cianwood
-Battled Eusine after seeing Suicune (anyone else notice the similarity in names? I just did today... LOL)
-Entered Chuck's Gym and beat him with a Slash spam (hypnosis missing = lucky for me) to get his badge
-Got HM02
-Grabbed the SecretPotion
-Flew back to Olivine, delivered the potion, and got Jasmine back in the kitchen Gym
-Entered her Gym (armed with Parylz Heals) and beat her with a Swords Dance/Slash combo on the second try for the Mineral badge

And that's it for now. Next update will probably be tomorrow, and I hope to have taken care of the Elite Four by then.
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