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    Another update on my USC with Katana the Zangoose:
    -Flew back to Ecruteak and surfed to Mahogany
    -Traveled to the Lake of Rage and defeated the red Gyarados
    -Met Lance and headed back to Mahogany
    -Infiltrated the Rocket base
    -Defeated the admins and took out the generator
    -Entered Pryce's Gym
    -Battled him and won with a Swords Dance/Slash combo (I'm starting to really appreciate Swords Dance) and got the Glacier badge
    -Traversed Ice Cave and arrived in Blackthorn
    -Took on Clair's Gym and beat her with the same strategy from Pryce's battle
    -Entered the Dragon's Den and passed the elder's test
    -Received the Rising badge
    -Met with Elm and got the Master Ball
    -Sweeped through the five Kimono girls
    -Flew to the Whirl Islands and got to the bottom
    -Defeated Lugia for EXP
    -Flew back to New Bark Town and headed east
    -Passed through Tohjo Falls
    -Traveled to the entrance to Victory Road
    -Navigated through it until GingerTits stopped me
    -Battled and destroyed his team without using Swords Dance
    -Entered Indigo Plateau and began my challenge
    -Will: X-Scissor spam
    -Koga: Took out Ariados, then used Swords Dance while Foretress was out, then sweeped the rest of his team
    -Bruno: Three Swords Dances, then easy sweeping with Slash (Close Combat on Onix)
    -Karen: See above (other than Gengar, who was a pain; I had to use X-Scissor and it barely survived, she healed, then another two X-Scissors)
    -Lance: Three Swords Dances while Gyarados was out, then sweeped with Slash

    So now all that's left is Kanto and Red. I'll probably just have all of that in one giant update sometime late tonight/tomorrow.
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