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Update number four on the Johto portion of the USC, and I'm already done!
-Sailed to Kanto on the ship
-Arrived in Vermillion and beat Lt. Surge immediately
-Went to Saffron City and took on Sabrina, beating her all too easily
-Walked to Celadon, beat Erika just as easily
-Biked to Fuchsia and battled Janine, winning just like all the other Gyms so far
-Flew back to Saffron, then went north to Cerulean
-Went to the Power Plant and found out about the missing part
-Got the part back from the Engrish speaking Rocket
-Katana reached level 100 already, with no help from Rare Candies this time, either
-Found Misty
-Took Misty down just like every other leader
-Returned the missing part
-Went to Lavender and got the Radio upgrade card
-Woke up the Snorlax in front of Diglett's Cave
-Traveled to Pewter and battled Brock, taking him down with ease
-Ran down to Viridian, then Pallet, then surfed to the remains of Cinnabar
-Headed to the Seafoam Islands and entered Blaine's makeshift Gym
-Beat Blaine, though Magcargo's Flame Body pissed me off
-Flew back to Viridian
-Took on Blue and kicked his ass
-Got HM08
-Went to Mt. Silver and climbed to the top
-Took on Red, who was the first and only challenge of the second half of the game
-Beat his Pikachu easily, but I couldn't pull off a Swords Dance until Charizard came out, which was after I beat down both Blastoise and Venasaur
-After the Swords Dance, everything was a piece of cake

So with the Champion title mine and with Red defeated, I now move on to Hoenn.
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