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Well I started my hacks solo today with Emerald386, and made a lot of progress in about 2 hours, getting 6 gym badges. I am missing a few images, but thats because my laptop kept choosing to crash windows explorer D:<

-Lost the image of defeating may by spamming Return.
-Lost the image of defeating the the Aqua grunt for the first time by OHKO Return Crit.

-OHKO all with Confusion

-Defeating Team Aqua for the second time with Confusion.

-OHKOing all her mons with Psybeam.

-OHKO all with Psybeam.

-The Carvanha kept using Bite, and Recover saved me here.

-OHKOing her again with Psybeam.

-2HKO with Psybeam.

-Gawd, paralysis gets annoying, but other than that, Psybeam won this.

-Easy, but lost pic of beating the girl.

-Annoying with Magnemite.

-Very easy with Psychic.

-Also very easy with Psychic.

The only damage was from Linoones Facade, whic was caused by a miss from Psychic, but other than that, easy.
-Lost image of defeating TV presenters.

-Easy with Psychic and Shock Wave.

-OHKO's on Blaziken and Pelipper. Ludicolo took two shots.

-Annoying Paralysis.

-Psychic and Shock Wave were helpful here.


I may update this post later if i make any more progress today.
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