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    Originally Posted by Drummerjcb View Post
    I have two questions regarding this game.

    1. I pretty much skipped Koga's gym. I couldn't figure out how to get in, no matter how hard I tried. How do I get in there?

    2. I just won the contest against Jessie for Misty, took Bulbasaur to see the Venusaur, and then found the Meowth for the child that had been attacked by a Beedrill. Where do I go next? Is the game finished right here? I can't figure it out.
    1. You gotta talk to one of the statues and press B.

    2. That's the end of the beta.

    Kanto(Yellow), Johto(Silver), Hoenn(Ruby), Sinnoh(Platinum): Done
    Unova: To Do
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