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    -Alright so I started the game and chose Chimchar as my starter, got pokeballs and all the usual stuff.
    - Hacked a Ralts and Nosepass onto Route 202, and boy is Ralts hard to train with a level 3 Nosepass.
    -Went and caught a level 4 Zubat in ravaged path
    -Challenges "Smuse" my rival and won.
    -Caught a Geodude in Oreburgh Gate
    -Found Roark in the mine, and challenged him and lost. Then grinded (ground?) alot and challenged him again this time to a successful win.
    -Saved then turned off.


    Pectus the Quiet ralts L15
    -Double team

    Nox Noctis the Naive zubat L14
    -Leech Life

    Visio the Jolly Nosepass L13
    -Rock Throw

    Silex the lonely Geodude L14
    -Rock Throw
    -Mud Sport
    -Rock Polish

    Yes, they are all latin names.
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