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Well I have finished the Emerald386 part of my challenge, which was relatively easy excluding Sidney.

-Started off from Fortree City, did the mt pyre and went for team magma

-Defeated Maxie easily

-The annoyance of team bases. But an easy battle at the end

-Pretty easy, with Shadow Ball dominating this gym

-Took out Maxie then Tabitha to make this much easier

-OHKO's galore

-Evil Kingdra and his evasiveness and his 1x to Shock Wave

-His pokemon were tougher than I thought

-HARDEST. BATTLE. EVER. I never knew Calm mind was soooooo useful. Especially with his insane defensiveness

-Same with the Calm Mind techniques, leaving Phoebe wrecked from OHKO's

-Pretty easy, 6 Calm Minds, 6 dead pokemon.

-OHKO Psychics against Dragons? Who knew?

-Easy with the 6 Calm Minds.


-Easy. Even against 6 level 100's, 6 Calm Minds meant insta-kills for all except Metagross, who, luckily for me, missed with Meteor Mash, leaving him open for another Super-charged Shock Wave.


I will start on Sapphire386 wither later today, or tomorrow.
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