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Next update on Platinum.

Went from Solaceon Town to Celestic Town:

- Left Solaceon and went to Veilstone City. Taught Defog to Edgar.
- Fought Maylene:

Biff took out Meditite and Lucario with Revenge, and Fangor took care of Machoke.

- After taking care of Dawn's Pokedex and getting Fly (for Edgar), I headed down to Pastoria City.
- Outside the gym, Barry showed up.

Grotle was the only one to put up a fight against Fangor. She swept with Ice Fang and Return.

- In the gym, Crasher Wake was my next victim.

After Fangor went down, Biff finished up against Floatzel.

- Plot time, BOOM!
- Chased the Grunt to the Lake and beat him, then Cynthia gave me the SecretPotion.
- Healed the Psyduck, got the Old Charm, then headed to Celestic Town.
- Arrived, beat the bomb-toting Grunt, then went inside the cave.
- Cyrus showed up. He has the best battle music by far.

Wasn't too hard. Biff took down Sneasal and Golbat, and after he went down to Murkrow's Drill Peck, Fangor finished up.

I am saved in Celestic Town. Next is to beat the Hearthome-Pastoria Route, then head to Canalave City. I will evolve Biff and Royal shortly as well.

Team Wes:

Biff the Jolly Machoke, ♂ - L40 @ Fist Plate
Ability: No Guard
Moves: Karate Chop, Cross Chop, Return, Rock Tomb

Royal the Modest Haunter, ♂ - L41 @ Spooky Plate
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Dream Eater

Fangor the Hardy Gyarados, ♀ - L40 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Return, Bite, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang

Fudd the Bidoof, ♀ - L3
Slave Moves: Rock Smash, Cut, Dig

Earl the Psyduck, ♀ - L9
Slave Moves: Flash, Surf

Edgar the Starly, ♂ - L5
Slave Moves: Defog, Fly
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