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Update number one on the Sapphire leg of my Zangoose Solo Run:
-Got Zangoose and saved Birch
-Beat May
-Traveled to Petalburg
-Helped Wally catch a Ralts
-Saved a dude from an Aqua grunt
-Arrived in Rustboro
-Got HM01
-Took on Roxanne and beat her with a string of Fury Cutter
-Retrieved the goods from the Aqua grunt
-Got the letter for Steven
-Sailed to Dewford
-Took on Brawly and won with a Slash spam
-Got HM05
-Navigated Granite Cave and delivered Steven's letter
-Sailed to Slateport
-Protected Capt. Stern from Aqua grunts and delivered the goods
-Beat May on the way to Mauville
-Arrived in Mauville and got a bike
-Beat Wally with ease
-Took on Wattson and won with one Swords Dance followed by spamming Slash
-Went to Verdanturf and cleared out the tunnel
-Got HM04
-Traveled north of Mauville
-Beat the Winstrates
-Walked all the way to Fallarbor
-Journeyed to Meteor Falls
-Watched Aqua grunts take a meteorite
-Returned to Mt. Chimney
-Took the cable car to the top and cleared the place of Aqua by beating Archie with no difficulty
-Traveled to Lavaridge
-Took on Flannery and won by spamming Slash after a Swords Dance
-Got the Go-Goggles from May
-Currently exploring the desert

Hopefully the next update will take me past the Champion (I hope).

EDIT: Final update for Hoenn!
-Traveled back to Petalburg
-Took on Norman and won with a Swords Dance/Slash combo
-Got HM03
-Surfed across the river and traveled north to the Weather Institute
-Kicked the Aqua grunts out
-Beat May and got HM02
-Got the Devon Scope from Steven
-Entered Winona's Gym and beat her with a Swords Dance/Slash combo (Swords Dance FTW)
-Traveled south and watched some Aqua grunts head to Mt. Pyre and followed them
-Climbed to the top and saw Archie take the Red Orb
-Flew to Slateport and witnessed Archie steal the sub
-Flew to Lilycove
-Beat May for the final time
-Entered Aqua's base
-Defeated the admin and saw the sub leave
-Surfed to Mossdeep City
-Took on Tate&Liza and won with another Swords Dance/Slash combo
-Got HM08
-Surfed south and dove into the Seafloor Cavern
-Reached where Kyogre slept and beat Archie rather easily
-Saw Kyogre wake up and wreak havoc
-Flew to Sootopolis
-Entered the Cave of Origin
-Got HM07
-Defeated Kyogre
-Took on Wallace and won with (guess what) Swords Dance/Slash
-Traveled all around Hoenn battling the leftover trainers
-Surfed to Ever Grande City
-Navigated Victory Road and beat every trainer including Wally
-Entered the Pokémon League building at level 91 and used all my Rare Candies to get to level 100
-Took on the E4
-Sidney: Brick Break spam
-Phoebe: Aerial Ace spam
-Glacia: See strategy for Sidney
-Drake: See strategy for every Gym Leader after Wattson (LOL)
-Steven: Swords Dance twice, then a combo of every move (Slash for Skarmory, Claydol, and Metagross; Brick Break for Armaldo and Aggron; Aerial Ace for Cradily)

And now on to the final leg: Platinum! (Yeah, it WAS gonna be Pearl, but due to the annoying unavailability of TM31 [I.E. Brick Break] until after beating the E4, I changed it to Platinum.)
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