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*gurgles with reverence*

Well I guess SRT won't be that plucky little hack outshining the big giants now it's really been thrust into the limelight. Deservedly so I must say. It's about time you got some recognition (though you did do well in HOTY'10 ).

Being all nerdy now, I absolutely love the UI upgrades in that vid - all those new bag graphics and text borders and whatnot - most hackers just ignore that bit but yours really shows attention to detail. Fantastic as always. Gives the game a really polished feel. :D De-capitalised and everything! And the way you've adjusted the trainer battle system is just phenomenal - really clever and it fits perfectly. One idea that does come to mind - in the Start menu, would 'Team' be better than 'Party' in this sort of game? Just a thought.

Oh yes, I have another pressie for you. I worked on them on my train journey back from Uni yesterday - thought you needed some more support banners.

They're based on that other one I did at Christmas. They're yours - if you want them of course I left out the bolt on the second one because it was getting in the way, but on the first it seems to work. It's entirely down to you if you want to use them or not - I won't mind either way. I'm just happy that a game as epic as this exists. :D

Once again amazing work. Keep it up. To inspire this much devotion in a game that isn't even out yet is just an astounding achievement. Well done. I'll be obsessively watching!!!

PS - I also loved your choice of soundtrack on the vid - who else was shouting the names of the various Routes and Towns that came up? RAVE POKÉMON!!! Could you possibly tell me where I may find it so I may rave to it as well?