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    Tip: It's conventional in this community to discuss a fanfic directly on its respective thread. This is to avoid a mess and because -- and I'd hate to be rude by saying this -- it implies you're trying to advertise your fic improperly, which puts some people off your writing. That and because this is a discussion area, we can't really discuss anything if there's no subject. Sure, you want us to talk about your story, but what about it? Are you asking for advice on characterization? Plot? Something else that we can't answer through just going to your thread and reviewing it?

    With that being said, I know you're probably frustrated by the lack of responses. You've posted two chapters in the past couple of weeks, and you've got two reviewers, one of whom hasn't come back to your story to give you a proper, specific review on its content. (Protip to the side, reviewers out there. If you're going to offer concrit, point out specifics. Saying "you're looking quite bad" without saying why doesn't really help an author improve because you could be talking about their use of the word "llama" for all they know.)

    However, I'd just like to say you've got to have patience. It's been slow around these forums for awhile. Most of our best reviewers have wandered off to No Man's Land. So, don't be too surprised if you don't get too many responses, but I can say that it's only a temporary condition. The FF&W has gone through multiple dry spells in terms of reviews in its long and colorful history, so just keep working. We'll eventually get people trickling on back.

    When they do, it's best to avoid turning people off your fic by advertising in all the wrong ways. If you need an explanation as to how to get reviews, try this guide instead.

    Good luck!
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