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Ha...I have 226, so poo on you. ^_~ Anyways, I realized something a little bit ago, that if you say happy birthday to those whose birthday you know, even if they don't know you, it makes them feel really good. Or...they think you're a stalker, but I'm going with the first one, I'll post some messages I got.

From St. Julian:
Hey....... um thanx i dont think i know you but thank you for wishing me a happy birthday.... #_# sorry im late to say thax....
My computer been messing up.. so yeah..
You're the only one that said that to me on PC..
so thanx.....

See you around sometime....

From 128910:

From Flannery:

Oh, thank you Its really nice *she gives you a cake* Thanx very much

From Becca:
Hi PazzKat, just wanted to say thanks so

Thank you!!!!

From Mundane:

i have to make this short, talk more tomorrow.
thank you so very much!
no one here or offline noticed. but you did!
thank you..friend.
bye now, yay!.. erm, yes. farewell
*so happy*

It reminds me of a good movie I've seen before, sad, but good, it's called "Pay it Forward" and if you haven't seen it, go rent it. It has the 6th sense kid, anyways, what I'm trying to say here is that, it doesn't matter if you don't know the person, be friendly to them, it usually turns up good.


Oh btw still no new shinies.. eh-heh-heh -runs away before getting chased by a mob-
Enjoy life~
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