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Originally Posted by wingman11 View Post
Damn, that sucks. I hope that bastard gets caught soon. If my DS got stolen, I'd flip. Thankfully all of my solo challenges are on my computer (I use ROMs because I don't wanna delete my other game files lol) so unless my computer gets taken, they're safe. Was it a DSi, DS Lite, or just an old DS, if I may ask?
DS lite, Seen as it has the best Flash card compatibility which is what I use to play Black. Anyway he wasn't very careful with how he stole stuff and we will probably be able to catch him soon enough. I would have been so much more pissed if Platinum had of been in my DS cause as I said that has pretty much 5-6yrs worth of pokemon on it(I like keeping all my pokemon in one game usually). I think our insurance covers the DS though so I might get a new one soon :D.

P.S. I would have lol'ed if he took my old DS seen as the top screens completely screwed and it's near impossible to do anything with it.
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