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Crystal Update #4.

Finished Johto part of Crystal!

Started in Mahogony Town.

- Beat Lake of Rage and TR Hideout. Taught Palin Hidden Power (Steel), and he learned Crunch as well.

Hidden Power (Steel) FTW lol. Not that it was needed.

Palin is unstoppable right now.

Accidentally used Psybeam on Houndour, then Return for 3 OHKOs.

Psybeam worked, and so did Return for Kingdra.


- Taught Palin Earthquake.
- Indigo Plateau time!

5 Cruch OHKOs.

4 Psybeam OHKOs and a 2HKO with Earthquake on Forretress (used Spikes lol).

4 Psybeam OHKOs and Earthquake for Onix. Stupid Mach Punch...

2 Returns, 2 Earthquakes, and a Psybeam, all OHKOs.

Way too easy. Return OHKOed Gyrados (crit), Charizard, and all three Dragonites. 2 Psybeams for Aerodactyl.

Yay! Hall of Fame, baby!

Halfway done. Kanto and Red are up next!

Team Gerry:

Palin the Girafarig, ♂ - L68 @ Pink Bow
Moves: Psybeam, Return, Crunch, Earthquake

Totodile, ♂ - L7
Slave Moves: Cut

Hoothoot, ♂ - L4
Slave Moves: Flash, Fly

Geodude, ♀ - L6
Slave Moves: Rock Smash, Dig, Strength

Golduck, ♂ - L22
Slave Moves: Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall