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    Originally Posted by G/ i /o View Post
    HI! great job! your really talented!
    What software did you use to make the digital-coloured jumpluff?
    Thank you! I'm glad you think so. ^^

    As for the Jumpluff picture, I'm near certain I did that one on GIMP. I didn't use any filters - just the paintbrush and smudge tool. I personally don't care much for that particular pic. Only thing I'm really happy with are the puffs.


    UPDATE: Simple Staryu added to the Digital section...


    Threw this one together really quick on Paint and smoothed the lines on Inkscape.

    EDIT: Though I haven't added it to my dA gallery yet, I've also worked more on that Dragonair pic I said I wouldn't be doing anything else with... ^^"


    I'll probably be adding some text into the background sometime.

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