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Well, my problem with Hoenn is usually that I love 90% of the pokémon and find it hard to choose between them, but at the moment it's this:

#007 Mudkip

Tackle / Growl / Mud Slap

My starter, likely to be the main driving force behind the team, both in battle and out

#034 Shroomish

Absorb / Tackle / Stun Spore / Leech Seed

I have high hopes for this one. It won't be allowed to evolve until learns Spore, which is an incredible move. This will limit it somewhat, but I don't care, as I'm just playing with the pokémon I like, regardless of how much we're outclassed.

#025 Taillow

Wing Attack / Growl / Focus Energy / Quick Attack

A real glass cannon this. Once I get Facade and a reliable status move (sadly Toxic wouldn't do), it'll be godly in double battles, although even frailer than it already is.

#042 Nincada

Scratch / Harden / Leech Life / Cut

This was all I had available that could learn HM01 Cut when I was outside Rusturf Tunnel, which is why it's there. I may keep it and evolve it, but I highly doubt it.

#045 Whismur

Pound / Uproar

I've only just left Devon Corporation's headquarters, hence this is still in my team after I captured it Because it's so godawfully noisy, but I needed it for my pokédex because it's kinda cute. Guaranteed never to stray further from its home than Rustboro City.

So...that's my team. Nothing impressive, but I felt like posting it. After all, it's what the forums are for :)
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