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    -Started my game on Red and chose Bulbasaur
    -Lost to my rival Gary
    -Walked to Viridian to get oak's parcel and back
    -Got my pokedex and map and set out on my quest
    -Stopped at the pokemart in Virdian to buy 5 pokeballs and a few anitdotes
    -Healed Bud [my bulbasaur] at Pewter's pokemon center
    -Went to gym and got my butt kicked by a lvl 11 sandshrew
    -Grinded more outside of Pewter
    -Learned Vine Whip and returned to the gym to inact revenge
    -Obliterated Brock
    -What? BUD is evolving! [Got me my Ivysaur]
    -Saved my game and quit

    Bud - lvl 15 Ivysaur
    Leech Seed
    Vine Whip
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