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    Some adult language is used in this hack, and in the story line.

    Hello everyone, I started this hack a while back, and I really want to finish it, I would just like some help, if at all possible. Take a look at what I've done so far, and if it sparks your interest, feel free to help!

    I wanted this to kind of be an addition to the existing Pokemon Fire Red story, kind of an alternate existence and a "what if" scenario.

    Basically, knowing the Pokemon Fire Red story line: this is what would have happened if you were to find a 'M (if any of you remember the original red and blue, M was a glitch pokemon) at the beginning of your game.

    This comes complete with a backstory for 'M, Missingno., and their new evolutions Intrigno., and Colossus.

    Team rocket creates a team of shadow pokemon that absolutely are nuts. Base stats = 740. Each are like a brand new legendary. The problem was the afterbirth... a mysterious object thought to be just garbage. It was 'M! Instantly after being discarded, 'M starts lighting up the computer screens with "'M" and causes the lab to colapse, as it steals information, absorbs energy, and kills anyone who gets in its way. Giovanni and the others escape with all of the other shadow pokemon still intact, with minor losses.

    Skip forward some time later:
    You are a young and eager pokemon trainer, ready to start your journey! You have absolutely no clue what you're doing; you just know you need to start it cause... well, everyone else is doing it! While exploring around your town, your curiousity gets the best of you and you start exploring a building that just burned down. As you get close to it you notice a strange glow.... Could it be?! A pokemon! YOUR first pokemon! You throw a dinky old pokeball at it, and to your surprise, YOU CATCH IT! In all of your excitement you quickly run to the professor of your town and show him what you have done!

    When you arrive, and show the professor your discovery, he is absolutely shocked. He has never seen anything like it. After asking and finding out where you acquired such pokemon, he warns you that this might not be as good as it sounds. While examining the pokemon the machine used malfunctions. He warns you this pokemon might be dangerous. You say theres no possible way that could be- that this pokemon is your friend and you found him. After he tries to make you hand it over, you run out as fast as possible.

    After you run out you notice your pokeball is vibrating. You let it pop out and it shows you that it has absorbed a pokedex from the professor. You are so happy you found a friend! You vow to prove to all of them just how great the two of you are! You decide to start your journey by going to the next town over and battling the gym leader.

    After the first gym, there needs to be something to check to see if your pokemon is a missingno.yet. if it is, you can continue on. You play through with your missingno. up until right before the elite 4. He evolves into intrigno at some point. After you defeat Giovanni, a door appears in his gym (or a guard moves, or something), You find the new secret lab for shadow pokemon and start battling your way through. After a section you are allowed to choose 1 of 3 shadow pokemon (stealing them back) and then you continue. you do this 4 times, for a total of 12 shadow pokemon seen.

    When you get to the end you see giovanni, he mentions that your pokemon looks really familiar. Something happens that pisses the intrigno off to where he flips out and starts eating everything in sight. pokemon, electronics, everything. this makes him turn into Collosus. The building starts to crumble and now the only way to advance from your present state is to kill colossus. It will be a trainer battle only to lock out the option of capturing it. During this time your intrigno will be taken away from you. your best bet is using shadow pokemon.

    After defeating the colossus, you are returned to your home in "blank" your mom asks you if you are ok, and you say yes, blah blah blah. You ask what happened to your missingno and she says she doesnt know. that after you killed the colossus everyone reported that the building turned to electricity, and almost everyone inside was vaporized, and that the colossus. exploded into energy. This makes you furious, after all you have been through. After everything that happened. You killed your first pokemon. You still have the shadow pokemon, your mom suggests that you show them to the professor. you do, and he explains he thinks there is a connection with these and the missingno. He explains there is no way to bring them back to what they once were, and that the damage is irreversible, and that you should just love and care for them blah blah blah. You mourn the loss of your lost friend, and continue on.

    You defeat the elite 4, which should all be level 90 now, and beat the game. After beating the game,if you return to the gym, there should be a pokeball there with your 'M again. so you can relevel it.

    This story is a twist on the original fire red story, and will feature minor alterations along the way. Only a little bit will be changed, such as npc responses to your missingno. and the whole team rocket thing. Pallet town will be slightly altered to include a research lab or the ruins of one.

    This game is made to increase the playtime of your fire red, and to help you relive those classic days of the original pokemon gaming, while adding an incredibly fun twist to it!

    Awesome custom sprites!

    This game features several new pokemon!

    • Appeareon! A new Eevee evolution!
    • 'M, the first evolution of the glitch pokemon
    • Missingno. - the second evo
    • Intrigno. - The third evo.
    • Collosus. - The rampaging form of Missingno. after he collects too much data.
    • Shadow pokemon Galore! (Including a shadow mew, shadow lugia, shadow scizor, and many others)
    • Added areas! This will expand upon the existing maps and introduce areas that were not previously available!

    In Game:

    Lab Map:

    Shadow pokemon:

    Please note: The sprites showcased here are not the only new sprites in the game.
    I have created several other shadow pokemon, along with several Eevee evolutions.
    The next patch I release will include a Bug type Eevee (Larvarleon) and a Poison type Eevee (Venemeon)

    More info to come -






    At the moment, other than a few text errors the only bug that has been noted is Gary disappears while professor Oak is talking to you. The game still plays fine, and if anyone knows how to fix this, I would really appreciate it!

    Due to my lack of knowledge of scripting, I've done just about all I care to do until I see some interest. I'm hoping I can get some people going for this and possibly compile a team. I would say this hack is about 30% complete.

    Contact me:

    [email protected]

    My first release is now available. You will need a clean Fire Red rom to patch it to. Included is the read me that goes over the pokemon that have been replaced.

    Download here:

    I urge you to give this a shot, and to give feedback! That's what is most important!

    I would like to thank hackmew for his mewtrance sprite. Although not really seen in the game too much, hes just an added pokemon available through gamesharking.