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    From the lack of anything that can swim, I'm guessing I'm allowed some HM Banks, right?

    Anyway, started up this challenge a few hours ago.

    - Grabbed myself a Treecko
    - Headed on up through story events and destroyed May's Torchic
    - Beat Roxanne, she was harder than I expected, but still turned to pebbles.
    - More story stuff
    - Headed through Granite Cave to deliver the Letter to Steven and grabbed myself a Zubat on the way, properly named Adam West (Unoriginal I know)
    - Delivered the Letter and spent a good 30-45 minutes looking for a Geodude on the First Floor... It really shouldn't take that long to find a GEODUDE, even if it is a 10% chance... Anyway, caught it and named it Pete for some reason.
    - With Geodude and Zubat in hand I took on the gym. Machop gave me some trouble with that Bulk Up, but Makuhita was shut down quickly. Sad to know that I can't teach Bulk Up to any of these fellows.


    Current Team:

    Treecko the Treecko - Lv.23@Everstone
    Quick Attack

    Adam West the Zubat - Lv.14
    Steel Wing
    Leech life

    Pete the Geodude - Lv.8
    Defense Curl
    Mud Sport
    Rock Tomb

    Yellow- Crystal - Ruby - Diamond - Black

    The Ultimate Random Challenge: Sapphire
    // (No Evolution)
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