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Originally Posted by smile! View Post
Ah, so Eternia is the only game that used Slash and Thrust?

Reid, yeah. It mainly goes like this:
Normal string combo > Special Skill > Sacred Skill > Divine Skill (if any)
Like you can go X, Down+X, Down+X, > Spiral Attack > Rising Phoenix > Burning Phoenix. Some Special Skills can't be linked to a Sacred Skills (like Double Spiral Attack) but most can, I think. And the Divine Skills that can be linked are only Burning Phoenix and Dragon Demon Chaos. Omega Seal cannot be linked to any other skills; it can only be executed on its own.

I wish Eternia has more Divine Skills though. (I use the term Extension, btw.) And Dragon Demon Chaos is damn hard to pull off. Anytime I use Omega Demon Chaos, I simply mash the button and see if it can extend. The animation is kinda cool.
Seems pretty complicated to perform. :/ I've never been good with all the technical stuff in any of Tales games, lol. Omega Seal is the last move Reid can learn, isn't it? Does it have any use? I remember it just lifting the enemy in the air.

Also, did you ever bother and try finding all the lens? I'm guessing you'd get some pretty sweet rewards for doing so.