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    In the short time I've been here, I've already seen many common issues that are the same with the RPG Maker community as a whole:

    1) Most projects, especially ones that look impressive, never get finished. This is highly disappointing, and while I'm guilty of this myself, you should consider that once you have a fan base going on, you should keep it. I guess it's easier said than done, as most indie-developers don't devote their lives to this sort of thing, and finding motivation can be hard sometimes.

    2) The projects are too ambitious. It kind of comes with the fact that we are developing pokemon games. It is horrifically time consuming to design, purpose, and assign movepools to new pokemon, and to do about 100 of them is even worse. And it's not just with creating pokemon, its with coming up with gameplay, level design, story, etc. I think people need to realize that they are NOT going to make a game that matches the professional quality of the real games, but rather try to do the best they can in a condensed amount of time.