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    Thought I'd send in another quick update...I'm still clearing routes of all trainers. All that remains are the two routes surrounding the Seafoam Islands and, of course, anyone in the Seafoam. I feel like there are two or three people in there...but I'll probably just ignore them for now. I don't need to catch Articuno or anything. (:

    Champ the Feraligatr is currently at level 88.
    He has a Hardy nature, loves to eat, and holds a Shell Bell.
    His stats are 289/230/210/164/164/194.
    He slaughters all opposition with Waterfall, Crunch, Ice Fang, and Earthquake.
    This is a beast. And I love him to death.

    Firered || League Champion!
    Crystal || 1 badge(s)

    COMPLETE!: Level 90 Feraligatr named Champ.
    Emerald Solo Run: COMPLETE!: level 76 Blaziken