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    Originally Posted by SPG View Post
    i realy dont care... my specialty is ow editing mapping and movment scripts nothing to do with unlzgba (i can all so use yape and insert new pokemon but thats easy) but i have no errors i have a hard time under standing the last 2 steps (4 and 4 1/2 cuz 2 steps in one) sorry for grammer.... and when i do this i feel like i do this all wrong so ya....
    Too bad then. No one will do it for you. Unlz is simple to use, so is Irfanview. And also, can't really call "ow editing mapping and movement scripts" specialties. If you don't care enough to even open a program and make two clicks, then there is no point to hacking.

    Once more, as for indexing, it's really this simple:
    open your image in the program irfanview
    click image>decrease color depth
    choose 16colors
    uncheck floyd-steinbeck dithering
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