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Originally Posted by mentalstrike View Post
Okay, so with my Ruby, it's the ROMs fault? Do you think extracting it again would work, or is it probably something wrong with the cartridge itself? Or the way I'm getting it off the cartridge? I'm new to this whole thing, so I wouldn't be surprised if I was messed up when I was getting the ROM from the cartridge...

As for Fire Red, I was trying to just edit the original sprites, you know, change hair color, mess with the clothes a bit, I wasn't trying to do a full new sprite yet >.> Any tips on that, or should I just bite the bullet and start making my own sprites?
for the first prob....yes..just download a ruby rom, and work on that.....
for the second prob.yes there is a the image in infran veiw..which is in the tool box on the top of the tut....hit image ---> decrease color depth ---> choose 16, and hit ok.......... now go to image ---> palette ---> edit palette. there should be sixteen colors....look for the back ground color and double click on it, on the far right bottom corner, there should be 3 boxes labled, red, blue, and green....memorise these exit the background color, and the double click the first color on the left (if it is the background color, then do this for the first color on the left, and even if it isn't the background color, and when u're finished it doesn't work, also try this with the first color from the left) memorise the red blue green colors for this color too, and replace them with the ones from the background color, and hit add to custom colors, and choose it from the table on the left, and hit ok. now go to the original background color, the one u double clicked in the beginning, and replace its red blue greaan numbers with the ones u memorised last, and hit add to custom colors and choose it from the abel and hit hit ok, and save it, and insert it.........

Originally Posted by Tenn Tenki View Post
Very useful. Thanks for all the tips
i'm happy i could help.........
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