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Originally Posted by wingman11 View Post
USC #3 is finished! Katana the Zangoose powered through the rest of the game with ease.
-Arrived in Snowpoint
-Took on Candice and won easily with Brick Break and Aerial Ace (for Froslass and Abomasnow)
-Climbed up to Lake Acuity and saw Jupiter leaving
-Flew to Veilstone and infiltrated the Galactic HQ
-Took every grunt down and got the key
-Entered the front and found Cyrus
-Battled Cyrus and won handily
-Beat Saturn again and freed the lake Pokémon
-Flew to Mt. Coronet and climbed to the top
-Witnessed the awesome cut scene and entered the Distortion World
-Navigated the mazes and puzzles until I met Cyrus again
-Defeated Cyrus quickly and took down Giratina
-Exited the Distortion World and headed to Sunyshore
-Arrived in Sunyshore and met Flint
-Went to the lighthouse and found Volkner, who returned to the gym
-Followed Volkner to the Gym and beat him with no problems (I got lucky and Static didn't take effect during his battle; it did everywhere else in the gym, though. >.<)
-Got HM07
-Surfed to the entrance to Victory Road
-Navigated through Victory Road (I've played this so many times it's like the map is burnt into my head)
-Arrived at the Pokémon League
-Beat Barry one last time and started the final challenge
-Aaron: Bug types are not good at withstanding Aerial Ace
-Bertha: Required a Swords Dance and a few Brick Breaks/Slashes (depending on typing)
-Flint: Swords Dance + Slash spam
-Lucian: See Flint (Bronzong is the exception; it needed a Brick Break instead)
-Cynthia: Swords Dance, then Aerial Ace for Spiritomb and Roserade, Brick Break for Lucario, and Slash for everything else

And that brings to a close my third Ultimate Solo Challenge. Looking back, I was skeptical of using a Normal type, since I never have before. But Zangoose surprised me. Definitely have a respect for Normal types now, for their versatility (and lack of weaknesses). Swords Dance has also earned a place on my roster of useful moves. I never used stat boosting moves before, but after using Swords Dance, Zangoose was always unstoppable.

Also, 100th post dance! And right on my last update for this challenge. Very fitting, if I do say so myself.
What level did Zangoose finish at (in the other games, too, if you don't mind)? I'm curious because it only takes 600,000 exp points to get him to L100.