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Originally Posted by deku View Post
I think I started one of these a while ago on Pearl with a Flygon and got to the seventh badge, but since that was so long ago I want to start a new run on Platinum with Spheal --> Sealeo --> Walrein. I've already prepared the egg and will be starting tomorrow, if not tonight.
I don't think I ever updated, but I did play through a lot of it before being caught up with Christmas then school starting back up. Anyways, today we had a snow day so I was able to pick it up again and now I'm deciding to update! So, here we go!

deku defeated:
with his Lv.18
with his Lv.31
with his Lv.39
with his Lv.46
with his Lv.52
with his Lv.60
< < < I know you want these lumps