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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    That's the current end of the beta. The next one will be out... sometime. I have some technical issues at present that are stopping me from finishing it.
    Hmm. I think i saw a bug . i saw Blackthorn infront of hot spring banner and then when i go to talk to him he tells me its end of beta. then i saved after it then simply i was just running and went over black thorn.and went to a meeting. o.o then they said to prepare before going to fight,etc i took some things/etc.then talked to the guy and then i was warped in the sootoplois heights and then i tried to talk to everyone but no one talked. then i closed the game. then i saw the Ips Patch i the 1st page. I downloaoded it and added that into the rom. and then i started outside of sootopolis there was a painter instead of Blackthorn i could go over him. x_x then i talked to the guy again and then i went to the sooto heights and then talked to meteor and others and now i am inside necropolis. o-o now where to go or stay there?
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